• Winter at the Byre

    Jill Hudson Sudden sun - 76cm x 122cm x 2cm
    Winter at the Byre is a celebration of our year of exhibitions, when we welcome back some of our favourite makers and artists with exciting new work for Christmas and beyond. 
  • The Coast is Clear

    The Coast is Clear
    Our first exhibition for summer 2019 at the Byre Gallery is The Coast is Clear. Cornwall artist Siobhan Purdy returns with a stunning new collection of work inspired by her love for - and memories of - the Cornish seaside.
  • How the Land Lies

    How the Land Lies
    The second summer exhibition of 2019 welcomed back three of the Byre’s regular Cornwall artists: Kerry Harding, Jill Hudson and Nikki Mosley each of whom have created some stunning new landscapes for this exhibition. Also making a welcome return was glass artist Benjamin Lintell with a wonderful new collection of glass art.
  • A Colourful Life

    David Muddyman - 50°21’10”N 4°10’12”W veering ENE (Edgcumbe, summer)Carolyn Tripp ceramic bottles (image Yeshen Venema)Christine Oliphant- Closing In
    A Colourful Life continues the spring 2019 theme of colour and vibrancy. I’m delighted to introduce three new painters each working with colour in different ways: David Muddyman, Christine Oliphant and Sara Owen; glass artist Benjamin Lintell's blown glass work is both colourful and exquisitely executed.
  • Full of the Joys

    Full of the JoysAlice Heaton - glass vesselJudy McKenzie - porcelain Nerikomi bowlSONY DSCKerry Harding
Photography by Simon Cook 01736 360041SONY DSC
     Full of the Joys introduced two artists whose work I discovered for the first time in Gallery Tresco on the Isles of Scilly in May 2018. I was equally captivated by the wonderful sense of calm in Sophie Harding’s delightful and distinctive paintings, as I was by the energy and colours of Sara Bor’s landscapes and it was wonderful to re-unite them at the Byre Gallery.