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      Ella Carty

      Ella Carty studied Fine Art taking a degree in painting at Cheltenham College of Art.  She has been a practicing artist since leaving University, living in Oxford, London and Hertfordshire. Ella settled in Penryn, Cornwall eight years ago and has a studio at Krowji in Redruth. Her work can be seen in leading galleries throughout the UK and in private collections in this country and internationally. 

      "These paintings created mainly during lockdown came about as a form of escapism I think. I used old sketchbook studies to create images of imagined places: places I couldn’t travel to and sensations that were not on offer during a Cornish Winter: I was craving warmth and colour."

      "The sketchbooks act as a kind of a generator for new visual compositions, where I experiment with the materials and conjure a more ambiguous space and one which hopefully allows for the viewers own imagination to be ignited. I want to tread a line between representation and abstraction that sparks curiosity."

      "I rarely have a plan for a picture. I want to be surprised."

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      Ella Carty abstract print 'The Curtain' Ella Carty abstract print 'The Curtain' Sold
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