Kate Welton

Kate is a ceramicist based in the heart of rural Suffolk, a beautiful county with gently rolling farmland, and the most magnificent skies. Her collection of stoneware is made to be used daily, and bring a sense of calm to your space.

Each form starts life as a lump of clay, which is thrown on the potter's wheel. Once the thrown pots reach the ‘leather hard’ stage decoration is applied using coloured slips (liquid clay)- Kate’s favourite part of the making process! The colours are all mixed from scratch in her studio, to achieve the range of subtle hues which are layered on to the clay’s surface.

Kate is constantly experimenting with slip decoration techniques, and uses stencilling, printing and resist to create the lines, circles and brush-marks in her designs.  Surface designs are often inspired by marks and patterns found in her local landscape; grasses swaying in the wind, a meandering river, and the moon over the Suffolk fields.

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