Lizzie Weir

Lizzie Weir's jewellery celebrates the discarded, the abandoned and forgotten. The pieces Lizzie finds dictate the outcome, the reason they were chosen must be apparent in the final piece. It might be the sculptural shape of the sea battered wood, or the delicacy of a sea nut/seed that has found its way onto a windswept beach intact and with a huge journey trapped within its shell… Or maybe the metal arch rusted and discarded, its original purpose lost.

Mark making is at the heart of her practise, it is essential to Lizzie that the pieces she makes are intuitive, the silver shapes working in symbiosis with the objects used.

All of the findings in the collection are hand shaped sterling silver, the found objects are from a variety of beaches, strandlines and side-lines that Lizzie has walked: from Cornwall to New Zealand via Portugal and beyond, each piece has history, each piece is unique and is about connection.

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