Benjamin Lintell

Benjamin Lintell is a passionate glass artist. A graduate of Plymouth College of Art, he continues to pursue his love of working with molten glass, using it to express his ideas and create beautiful objects. The glass pieces Benjamin creates focus on capturing movement; the energy and life of the glass while in its molten state and forming it into an object that reflects the beauty that we see in the natural world around us. Benjamin’s career has taken him around the world working with some of the world’s best glass artists including Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert in Paris, and Nancy Callan and Mel Douglas at Pilchuck Glass School in Washington State.  He is currently based in Murano, Venice where in addition to working at Wave Murano Glass, one of the leading glass studios, he is continuing to develop his own style. Benjamin’s work has been shown at a number of prestigious international events including, Venice Glass Week and Talente Exhibition in Munich; and his glass art is in several major private collections. A selection of pieces can always be seen at the Byre Gallery.


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