Anthea Bowen

Anthea Bowen made her first pot at the age of six when she tagged along with her mother to pottery evening classes. Her affection for clay was re-kindled in 2003, and since moving to Cornwall in 2007 she has developed her practice, creating her own pottery studio in 2019.  Anthea finds inspiration for her hand built work in the Cornish landscape:

“I feel at home in nature and ideas for new pieces are conceived during walks along the Cornwall coastline close to my studio.  I like to create calming, contemporary ceramics which reflect this rugged coastal environment. The soft lines and the positive and negative space created by the juxtaposition of sea-worn rounded boulders, the textures of the rock, the beautiful fine lines running through pebbles, rock pools with shiny water and sea caves … these are all elements that kindle new ideas and inspire new collections of work.”

Once Anthea has completed her pot or sculpture she returns to the beach with it to photograph it in the environment that inspired it, bringing the creative process full circle.

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