Claire Stockings-Baker

Claire Stockings-Baker spent her childhood immersed in the Cornish landscape. Her connection with nature was created at an early age, with her love of exploring stormy beaches and gnarly woodlands. Those early influences, form a firm foundation for Claire’s jewellery practice. Claire is happiest when she is creating memories in nature, and transferring them into her work at her Cornish studio.

Claire also draws inspiration and technique from her costume, painting and printmaking background. Claire creates organically handcrafted individual pieces of art, which are often described as wearable sculpture.

Each piece of jewellery is approached sensitively, concentrating on intricate detailing, with no casting involved in the creative process. Claire works intuitively with the metal, she sculpts with a blow torch, etches textures and forges with handmade tools, ensuring that each piece is worn as a story upon the wearer’s skin.

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