Lucy Innes Williams

Lucy Innes Williams’ paintings are rooted deeply in her own personal associations to nature. Lucy works through a combination of sketches from life, carefully constructed compositions, and entirely unseasonal flora and colours. The presence of the human hand is key to Lucy’s paintings, and it this expression and joy in painting which informs her work.  

The more blousy a flower is, the more Lucy is moved to paint it; the explosion of petals, colour and scent. Cornish coastal path walks as well as the busy borders of English country gardens are enduring sources of inspiration. 

To Lucy there is always more happening off the page, and this is demonstrated in the placements of activity around the edge of her paintings, her paintings are intended to feel like a snapshot of motion. Half remembered feelings of petal, stems, spike and softness are all danced across the page with her paintbrush.

Lucy works initially in gouache and secondly inks on paper and board.  Framing is a careful and playful decision in Lucy’s paintings and is connected directly to the mood of the piece. 

With a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art, Lucy returned to full-time painting after a decade-long career working in exhibitions and artist management for a number of public and private art collections.

We'll have a collection of work from Lucy in spring 2023

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