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      Susan Kinley

      Susan Kinley’s work combines different processes and materials, including glass, metals and enamels, and is informed by visual research at ancient archaeological sites throughout the UK, from the Isles of Scilly to the Orkney archipelago. Her work has been widely exhibited, and has won many awards.  In 2019 Susan was selected to show a large scale glass wall installation at the prestigious Collect Open, part of the International Art Fair for Modern Craft and Design at Saatchi Gallery. 

      In this recent series of assembled copper panels, transparent glass enamels are transformed by many firings, ‘stoned’ back to reveal colours and textures, and layered to build translucence. Some contain partly hidden imagery of the stones of ancient sites in Cornwall and Wales. They are also influenced by the pages of illuminated manuscripts, held open in museums for viewing, one page at a time.

      Susan Kinley - Chamber i Sold
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