A Colourful Life

David Muddyman - 50°21’10”N 4°10’12”W veering ENE (Edgcumbe, summer)Carolyn Tripp ceramic bottles (image Yeshen Venema)Christine Oliphant- Closing In

A Colourful Life

4th May to 2nd June 2019

A Colourful Life - exhibition at the Byre Gallery, Cornwall A Colourful Life continues the spring 2019 theme of colour and vibrancy. I’m delighted to introduce three new painters each working with colour in different ways: David Muddyman, Christine Oliphant and Sara Owen; Benjamin Lintell's glass work is both colourful and exquisitely executed; and Carolyn Tripp's ceramic bottles and vessels use both colour - as well as a nod to the traditions of oriental ceramics - to enhance her perfectly elegant pieces.

More functional than decorative, but nonetheless very beguiling, is Alice Funge's collection of ceramic tableware. I'm really pleased to also welcome back fellow ceramicists Lise Herud Braten and Pauline Lee along with jewellers Lucy Spink and Lizzie Weir.

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