Winter at the Byre

Jill Hudson Sudden sun - 76cm x 122cm x 2cm

Winter at the Byre

16th November 2019 - 5th January 2020 Winter at the Byre is a celebration of our year of exhibitions, when we welcome back some of our favourite makers and artists with exciting new work for Christmas and beyond. We have fine artists Sara Bor, Kerry Harding, Sophie Harding, Jill Hudson, Nikki Mosley, David Muddyman and Siobhan Purdy all return with some stunning new work; glass artists Benjamin Lintell and Catriona MacKenzie, have each created some wow-some new pieces; and regular Byre Gallery ceramicists: Lucy Burley, Helen Harrison, Remon Jephcott, Jill Holland, Kathryn Sherriff and Jessica Thorn all make welcome returns with some lovely new pieces each creating some lovely new pieces.

Jewellery is always a key part of an exhibition at the Byre Gallery and this winter is no exception: regulars Beverly Bartlett, Clare Lloyd, Lucy Spink, Libby Ward and Lizzie Weir are joined by recent discoveries Caroline Stokesberry and Sarah McCallum - all with highly covetable new collections; there is so much to fall in love with!

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