Festive Four by Carin Lindberg

Festive Four by Carin Lindberg
Festive Four choices by Carin Lindberg Swedish born Carin Lindberg is the most recent jeweller to become one of our regulars. She first exhibited her stunning work in the summer and makes a very welcome return for Winter at the Byre. Inspired by her Swedish heritage and the beautiful surroundings of her Cornwall home, Carin creates jewellery collections as well as one off pieces, in her workshop on the ruggedly spectacular north Cornish coast. Unusual and interesting stones inspire the creation of her jewellery, ranging from the simple and understated to the textural and raw, often with contrast and asymmetry. The stones are always in focus and her pieces feature everything from the humble Cornish beach pebble, through precious and semi-precious gemstones, to precious diamond. Here are Carin's choices: These are the four pieces I would love to see under the proverbial tree, or even buy for myself. Once the madness of Christmas is over, these beautiful pieces would help create a gorgeous contemporary living room for the start of next year, which I hope will be quite different to the one just gone! Both drama and calm are present in these pieces and the contrast adds long lasting interest. The colour palette brings them together into a cohesive and elegant look, for a grounded start to the new year. A room for relaxing, contemplating, and for spending quality time with family and friends. Nicola Mosley - As Evening Falls This beautifully atmospheric painting reminds me of the calm and quiet that descends over the beach after a lovely day with friends. Most people have gone for the day but you're lingering; nicely tired and slightly windswept after a long day. The light is amazing and you feel like you want to stay like this forever. Lucy Burley - pebble grey stem vase The simple soft shape of this unassuming vase would be the perfect base for some humble stems from the garden. Understated, serene and elegant; it would elevate and complement whatever is displayed in it. Simplicity at its best. Jill Hudson - Winter Seas I love the rawness and sheer power of the crashing waves and the froth that's whipped up against the cliffs in this painting. Winter is one of the best times of year at the beach; in many ways "better" than a sunny summer's day. So much more interesting and characterful, just as portrayed in this wild and dramatic seascape. Benjamin Lintell - glass vessel, blue With its elegantly fluid shape, this vessel feels substantial yet delicate. I can imagine the colour, patterns and translucency changing during the course of the day with the changing light. I also imagine it would cast interesting shadow patterns against the wall behind it and provide an ever changing display. We'll have another set of festive picks next week.
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