Festive Four by Benjamin Lintell

Festive Four by Benjamin Lintell

Any lover of glass who has visited the gallery in the past two years cannot have failed to notice Benjamin Lintell's stunning work. His vessels and his sculptural work have been so admired - and not just here at the Byre. In September this year Benjamin exhibited three pieces to great acclaim at the highly regarded Venice Glass Week - this led to him being offered a job to work at Wave Studio on the 'home' of glass, Murano Island, Venice - and he's still only 25!

Benjamin is continuing to make some exceptional work and I'm really looking forward to showing it in the summer. Until then, there are still some of his beautiful pieces in the gallery which you can see by clicking here. And here are Benjamin's four favourite festive picks.

David Muddyman - Rame Head Sunset ii Being away from Plymouth for such an extended time makes me really long to see some of those dramatic views from the coast. Since I can’t see them for myself right now, I just have to look to David’s work for my fill. Carin Lindberg - Beach rock and diamond textured silver ring The Byre Gallery - Carin Lindberg - Beach rock and diamond ring It’s not often I look at jewellery, but when I saw this piece it really struck a chord and reminded me so much of exploring the beaches of Bovisand, near Plymouth. John Pollex - Medium Bottle The Byre Gallery - John Pollex - ceramic bottle Bright colour seems to be a trend for me in my picks. I’ve always admired John’s use of colour and I love his use of matte and glazed surfaces in his recent work. Sophie Harding - Lemons on blue The Byre Gallery - Sophie Harding - Lemons on Blue I love the bright, bold colours of Sophie’s work and this piece puts my mind right in the Mediterranean.

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