Emily Tapp's Festive Four choices.

A landscape painting with large sky

Here are Emily's four favourite festive picks.

Sophie Harding - Together

I have always admired Sophie’s work, but fell in love with this piece in particular when it arrived at the gallery. It reminds me of my ceramics collection - and the joy of choosing a vessel to drink my coffee from each morning.

Libby Ward - Small Moss Oxidised Silver Earrings

When I’m not at the gallery, I work from my pottery studio and because of this, I don’t often wear much jewellery - with the exception being earrings. I love how dainty, and yet so striking, these studs are.

Teresa Dunne - Davidstowe Scarf

I already own one of Teresa’s lovely scarves - a wondeful birthday present from Elaine this year - and have loved wearing it this Autumn and Winter. I love the pop of orange that runs through this handwoven scarf.

Jill Hudson - Sunburst

It is no secret that every time a new collection from Jill comes through the doors I am dreaming about the pieces I would love to own. Perhaps one day I will be lucky enough to hang a Jill Hudson painting on my walls at home, but for now I am very happy that I get to spend my days at the gallery alongside them! I love the moody skies Jill creates in ‘Sunburst’, contrasting with her energetic brushstrokes of colour that bring the piece to life.

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