Festive Four by Lucy Spink

Festive Four by Lucy Spink
This week jewellery Lucy Spink chooses her four festive picks from the Byre this winter.
Lucy is one of the Byre's longest standing jewellers - and definitely one of our favourites. Every piece of jewellery is handcrafted by Lucy in her small workshop in Cornwall. Working with tools from her grandfather’s workshop and using techniques that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years keeps Lucy anchored to her inspiration. The hands-on approach means her work feels organic, allowing marks made during the process to remain as an integral part of the surface.
Lucy's choices
Jill Hudson - Cow Parsley.
[caption id="attachment_8135" align="alignnone" width="600"] I have admired Jill’s work for years, its subject matter appeals of course being a fellow Cornwall resident. I love the movement in the brush strokes and the texture of the paint surface, the way it has been worked in to and adds detail to the work.[/caption]
Ruth Shelley
The Byre Gallery-Ruth Shelley glass
Ruth’s glass is beautiful and the forms are so sculptural, I know this would make the perfect gift for at least 2 members of my family! The colours are sublime and uplifting and the clever balance of opacity across each piece means the light transforms them at different points of the day.
Hugh Perry - Copper Bowl
I have a shelf in our hallway at home where I collect small ceramics and this piece would be perfect. The texutres and colours are beautiful and, I think, very reminiscent of Cornwall at this time of year with the wild white capped seas, the bracken and the clear blue of the sea on a cold, sunny, winter’s day.
John Pollex
John’s bottles are perfect for little flower stems and dried grasses, I’ve got a bright pink camellia in one on the mantel piece at the moment. I think the colours and brushstrokes are so full of character and life that you cannot but help be cheered by them.
More picks form our other artists and makers next week.
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