Lost for Words - 16th - 30th October 2021

painting by naive artist Siobhan Purdy of a girl wearing a blue jumper in a field of white sheep holding a black lamb

Lost for Words - 16th to 30th October 2021

This autumn we have a treat for all admirers of Siobhan Purdy's work - and for poetry fans.  We can now all enjoy this gorgeous exhibition which we had planned for October 2020 but decided to postpone because of the pandemic - 'Lost For Words.' Many of Siobhan's paintings have been a source of inspiration to two Cornwall poets - Rene Crouch and Alison Tangye - and their collection will be premiered at the opening of the exhibition. 

'Lost of Words' will also feature glass from Susan Kinley and wooden vessels from Jayne Armstrong as well as ceramics and jewellery from our regular makers.

painting of girl dressed in pink with an orange space hopper toy
painting of two young children in a dinghy on a beach by Cornish artist Siobhan Purdy
painting by Siobhan Purdy of a girl wearing a party hat surrounded by balloons and other children in fancy dress
painting of a girl by Cornish artist Siobhan Purdy with a large bunch of wildflowers on her head she is wearing a red patterned tan top over a white shirt
wooden bottles with dried flowers in them made by Jayne Armstrong
wooden bowl and tall vase on a wooden table they've been made by Jayne Armstrong
Two abstract glass and enamel paintings by Sue Kinley
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