12 Joys for Christmas: Lucy Spink

12 Joys for Christmas: Lucy Spink

Lucy Spink at the Byre Gallery

Lucy Spink’s elegant hand crafted jewellery has been a regular feature of Byre Gallery exhibitions since she first showed with us back in 2016, and since then her textured and reticulated silver work - as well as the eye catching and unusual stones she sources - have won her a legion of fans 

I’m delighted to have a new collection from Lucy this winter. Here she’s shared some more about her inspiration and chosen four pieces which are her special favourites from this winter’s collection at the Byre. 


“The wonderful ancient landscapes which surround me in Cornwall are my inspiration: lichens on old stone buildings and field boundary walls; weather worn rocky outcrops along the coast and rugged open moorland are all places where I find inspiration.  I’m fascinated by how closely our lives were once bound to the rhythms of nature and use a small element of gold to represent the importance of the natural environment.

My fascination with lichens, which influence many designs in my collections, started in the woods at the Iron Age fort at Round Wood Quay near Trelissick. After heavy rain or storms, the ground is littered with incredible silvery forms which are reminiscent of bare winter trees. These life forms are ancient and grow everywhere, they cover roofs and creep out of the crevices in masonry. Around 1700 species of lichens live in Britain, they can be found in most places where the air is sufficiently clean and they are a symbiotic relationship of algae and fungus, and sum up how I view the human connection to our environment: one cannot survive without the other.

Silver and gold are my chosen materials, as their colours perfectly suit the sources of my inspiration and the surface is very adaptable. Using hammers and files from my late Grandad’s workshop I apply pattern and create form. Sometimes I sketch out ideas first, sometimes, I start out with a fresh piece of metal and as I work, a piece of jewellery takes shape, organically developing out of cuts made and marks imposed. 

These are some of Lucy’s favourite from her current collection at the Byre this winter.

Mini Monolith necklace with Chrysoprase pendant 

I picked this piece out because of the beautiful colour of the stone. The setting is made so the back is partially open and the light can travel through the chrysoprase making it glow.

Standing Stone earrings 

These earrings are inspired by the mega monolithic standing stones that grace our ancient countryside. They are hammered by my Grandad’s old workshop hammer and have a beautiful piece of reticulated silver placed asymmetrically to add a subtle sparkle, like granite in the sun.. 

Mini monolith studs with lichen details 

I chose these because they are one of my best selling small studs. They are inspired by the outline forms of standing stones and hold a tiny detail inside which is based on pixie cup lichens. They are available in gold too. 

Wide reticulated cuff This piece is bold and dramatic and perfect for making a statement. Cuffs have been worn by women and men through the centuries as protective pieces as well as decorative. Famous names like Coco Chanel and Jackie Onassis who both had a very strong sense of style brought the cuff into the modern era and firmly placed them in them in the realm of statement jewellery. The reticulated texture of this piece makes it look like an archaeological find but with a modern shine. 

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