12 Joys for Christmas: Carin Lindberg

12 Joys for Christmas: Carin Lindberg

Carin Lindberg's elegant jewellery of exquisite stones and textured silver has been delighting Byre Gallery clients since 2020 - I've succumbed to temptation myself on more than one occasion.

Originally from Sweden and now living on the coast in north Cornwall, Carin's work can best be described as Scandinavian meets Cornish, with jewellery that has natural elegance and organic simplicity.

Inspired by unusual and interesting stones - everything from the humble Cornish beach pebble, through precious and semi-precious gemstones, to diamonds, her one of a kind pieces are created to allow the chosen stone to take centre stage. Set in recycled sterling silver with the occasional gold accent, Carin creates organic textures by fusing, and the metal is given an understated frosted matte finish or a dark patina to bring out the character of the textured silver.

For this winter I've asked Carin, along with some of our other favourite jewellers, to put together a collection of their favourite 12 pieces. These are some of Carin's. 

Seasonal Greens

"At his time of year, you just can’t help but turn to seasonal green, which is quickly becoming one of my favourite colours. The gorgeous greens the I've chosen as part of my '12 Joys' are all tourmalines, another favourite of mine!"

Organic style pendant with three shades of green tourmalines nestling together with coastal textured pebble shapes. £395

"Blues are, and I think will always be my favourite colour, and if blue is my favourite colour then aquamarine, is my favourite blue gemstone. The coastal inspired Seafoam collection features subtle bubble textures that just work so well with the brushed finish against the blues."

Carin Lindberg pale blue stones and silver drop earrings"My current favourite pair of earrings! Achingly beautiful hazy pale blue aquamarines in two different shapes complemented with cast silver shapes and brushed matte seafoam textures. £290"

"Moss aquamarine in a deep steely blue, probably the nicest one I’ve had the pleasure to work with to date. Set in warm 18k gold on a seafoam textured band. UK size R. £410 "

Mini Seascape

"The dendritic agates are always conversation starters and with good reason! These amazing natural gemstones are little artworks in themselves, and I see underwater seascapes in them. They are truly unique and make some amazing one-of-a-kind jewellery."

The most stunning dendritic agate in a rounded tablet shape, simply set in brushed silver and accented with a sparkly green cut tourmaline. True one-of-a-kind beauty! £370

My current favourite dendritic agate ring! I love the strong pattern of this gem and the sweet little cognac brown rose cut diamond offset to one side of the sleek setting. £310

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