• Emily Olivia Tapp

    Emily Olivia Tapp

    EOT Ceramics is the studio practice of Emily Olivia Tapp - a potter living and working in Cornwall. Emily makes everyday ceramics intended for daily use: she throws with Cornish clay sourced in St Agnes and mixes all her glazes from scratch using raw materials and her own carefully developed recipes.


  • David Muddyman

    David Muddyman

     David Muddyman is a graduate of Plymouth College of Art and continues to live and work in the city. Much of his work is inspired by the landscapes and seascapes around the Rame Peninsula in south-east Cornwall, Plymouth and west Devon. David’s work can regularly be seen at the Byre Gallery and a collection is always available online.

  • Ruth Shelley

    Ruth Shelley
    Ruth Shelley’s gravity dropped vessels create an interplay of light, form and colour. The vessels take on their own persona and become artworks in their own right as glass sculptures.
  • Sophie Harding

    Sophie Harding Wildflowers, acrylic on board, 2020 The Byre Gallery
    Sophie’s work is all about simplicity, harmony, and the power of colour in its ability to glow, clash or sing. Working mainly from life and from sketches, Sophie paints moments from her life: a collection of objects in the home, seasonal fruit and flowers, a morning spent on the beach or in a Cornish garden.
  • Remon Jephcott

    Remon Jephcott
    Remon uses slip-casting and hand-building techniques to build her striking ceramics which include her wonderful fruit collection.
  • Siobhan Purdy

    Coastal Bathers by Siobhan Purdy
    Siobhan’s work is created from memories, experience and family history. Subject matter and narrative are important to Siobhan: she likes to paint people, particularly children and animals, and is constantly scanning everyday images looking for the one that makes a great painting. 
  • Nicola Mosley

    Nikki Mosley painting By the Bay, The Byre Gallery
    The ambiguity of spaces, the way planes appear and disappear, not defined but suggested by a small detail or a gesture of the paint, is what is at the heart of Cornwall based artist Nicola Mosley’s work. 
  • Lucy Spink

    Lucy Spink
    Every piece of jewellery is handcrafted by Lucy in her small workshop in Cornwall. Working with tools from her grandfather’s workshop and using techniques that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years keeps Lucy anchored to her inspiration.
  • Jill Hudson

    Jill Hudson
    A graduate in Fine Art from Falmouth College of Art, Jill continues to live and work in Cornwall. Jill paints the world around her, sometimes what she imagines, but her art is about the landscape of life in all its forms - its fleetingness, its poetry, its loneliness, and its reality. A collection of her work can always be seen at the Byre Gallery. 
  • Lizzie Weir

    Lizzie Weir
    A life-long fascination with wave-worn wood has led Lizzie Weir to create her Flotsam jewellery collection. Combining driftwood with pieces of Hawthorn, Holly and Cherry that she has been given or has collected on walks in Cornwall and Gloucestershire, Lizzie then uses gold leaf, pencil and paint to create her highly individual jewellery.