Winter at the Byre: Good on Paper

Winter at the Byre: Good on Paper

a row of delicate coloured abstract paintings on paper by artist Tara Leaver

We're doing things a bit differently this winter at the Byre Gallery.  Opening online on the 17th of November is a new exhibition - 'Good on Paper' -  which is, not unsurprisingly given the title, work on paper and card.

I set a number of our wonderful visual artists the challenge of creating works on paper or card rather than on their usual canvas or panel; and also suggested that they might - or might not - want to explore different techniques or subject matters. I'm really looking forward to revealing the results - there are a few sneak peeks here. The above works are by Tara Leaver. 

Sophie Harding, 'Flowers in a Bowl'

Steven Buckler, 'Clay Country Sheds'

painting by Jill Hudson of the Cornish coast

Jill Hudson, 'Well Worn Path' 

Lucy Innes Williams, 'The Harbour'

Carolyn Wixon, 'Rockpools'

Claire Armitage, 'Gilded Blue'

Natalie Day, 'Distant Shores' 

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