A Different Story - 4th August to 17th September 2022

A Different Story - 4th August to 17th September 2022

A Different Story - 4th August to 17th September 2022

Our final summer exhibition sees highly acclaimed Rame peninsula based artists Katy Brown and Heath Hearn make their debuts at the Byre Gallery. Each has created a stunning new collection of work which we're very excited to be sharing.

painting by Cornwall artist Heath Hearn of a view from a window overlooking a Cornish harbour with boats in the water and a blue sky above

Heath Hearn, 'It Could be Italy'

abstract painting by Katy Brown in turquoise, yellows and blue

Katy Brown, 'Silken River'

abstract painting in shades of blue by artist Heath Hearn

Heath Hearn, 'After the Mist.'

abstract painting in blues and pinks by Cornwall artist Katy Brown

Katy Brown, 'Sea Jewels'

semi abstract painting by Heath Hearn of a red house and a yellow house next to with a person hiding between
Heath Hearn, 'Hiding from Mother.'
abstract painting by Katy Brown of formal garden with green lawn, lake  and red and yellow shrubs

Katy Brown, Mount Edgcumbe, East Lawn 

We can also look forward to new work from regular glass artist Benjamin Lintell, a new collection of sculptural ceramics from highlands based ceramicist Michele Bianco, and to introducing fellow ceramicist Emily-Kriste Willcox to Byre Gallery audiences. We also have more ceramics from many of our regulars, including Lucy Burley, and jewellery galore from some of our favourites. 

Tall green glass sculpture by glass artist Benjamin Lintell photographed in the sunlight so it casts a bright green shadow onto the floor

tall ceramic vases Emily-Kriste Willcox

ceramic bowl with light green internal glaze by ceramicist Michele Bianco

a row of Lucy Burley ceramic bottles in shades of blues and greens

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