Wood Works

Wood Works

Kerry LHS

When an exhibition is called 'Out of the Woods' it is perhaps not surprising that trees and wood feature among the art and craft on display - both as subject matter and raw material. Each of Kerry Harding's stunning paintings for 'Out of the Woods' features a tree in some form, often distorted by the effects of the weather. Kerry is drawn to the scenery around her home in west Cornwall and delights in capturing the way that the violence of the elements can soften even the hardest of parts of landscape. Kerry almost mirrors the effects of nature in her work as she often removes paint to get the effect she desires: with only the memory of the paint her trees look wonderfully wind swept. The universal appeal of Kerry's impressive work has won her clients across the world - who have never felt the force of a Cornish wind.

From the south west of England to Kirkcudbrightshire in the south west of Scotland where Lizzie Farey has her own willow field where she grows the raw material for her baskets and sculptural work (pictured below) Lizzie spends six weeks every winter cutting down the willow before letting it dry out for six months; once dry it is soaked in a cattle trough, then allowed to 'mellow' before it is finally ready to be used. Her extremely elegant work is constructed entirely traditionally without wire, nails or glue; the resulting work is stunning and it's little wonder that it features in a number of notable public and private collections.

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