Up the Garden Path

Up the Garden Path

Discussing new work with artists and makers is always a treat - going to see it even more so, but few such visits combine a wonderful stroll through an idyllic garden. Ceramicist Pauline Lee, whose stunning torsos I've had in several of my exhibitions, lives in the most beautiful setting on the edge of Dartmoor.

Ceramicist Pauline Lee wearing a yellow cardigan over a black dress standing in her garden next to a ceramic sculpture

Pauline often takes part in the National Gardens Scheme 'Gardens Open for Charity' and adds extra decoration with some of her work. As this year's event was the day before my visit, it was to the garden rather than the studio we headed to select new pieces. 

English garden with bench in the foreground in the sunshine

Developed over many years, the garden is a wonderful blend of traditional English country style with a hint of tropical, and the fact that this is all this just a mile or so from the starkness of Dartmoor makes it all the more magical.

Tropical looking outbuilding surrounded by green plants

After a few sharp showers earlier in the day the sun was shining and the garden was looking especially vibrant. Pauline's sculptural pieces and more functional urns nestled amongst flowers and shrubs looking almost as if they had somehow organically grown out of the soil.

ceramic sculptures in a garden

Much of Pauline's work is inspired by her garden and indeed elements of her garden are used in it - she works with leaves, and seed head skeletons to create her quite individual style of texture on much of her work especially her beautiful torsos.


ceramic torsos on a table in a garden

I love the way Pauline's work flows through the garden and is used in all the individual pockets she has created. After a very enjoyable stroll, we came up with our selection.

A ceramic face mask hanging among the green leaves of a bush

What a wonderful morning, and almost as soon as I drove away the clouds that had collected above the moors released a torrent of rain, making the time in Pauline's garden in the sunshine seem all the more special.

Summer house in an English country garden


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