Good on Paper: Nicola Mosley

Good on Paper: Nicola Mosley


Nicola Mosley seascape painting with white clouds on a grey sky above a turquoise sea and brown rocks

Nicola Mosley's elegant seascapes and cloud heavy skies first graced the walls of the Byre Gallery in 2018 and have won many fans and collectors since then. In more recent years her palette of cool blue and icy white has evolved to include rich oranges, pinks and browns as she captures the sunrises and sunsets from her south Cornwall studio.

For Good on Paper I suggested to Nikki that she turn her back on her usual canvas for a while and experiment on paper. How did she find it?

I’ve really enjoyed working on paper, it's not something I work with that often. For this exhibition I’ve used oil paper which has a lovely grainy texture to it - very different to working on canvas. I use a palette knife a lot in my painting and really like how it works on the oil paper.

Artist Nicola Mosley at work in front of an easel her studio
Did it give you more freedom or did you feel it created any limitations?
Working on these small more minimal style paintings was really rewarding. It was quite freeing working on this smaller scale and on a change of surface.

Would you work with paper again?
Yes definitely and on this smaller scale, I've definitely enjoyed it.

sunset painting of the Cornwall coast by artist Nicola Mosley

Would you consider working with acrylics or watercolours instead of oil if you used paper again?
Not really. I’ve worked with acrylics and watercolour and just prefer working in oil.

You normally frame your work, have you had any thoughts about how these works could be framed?
I think floated a white tray frame style would work very well.

Any other new departures we can look forward to in the future?  I’m working on a new series of landscapes at the moment - the Cornish coast still very much the

You can enjoy all Nikki's new work on paper from 17th November

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