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These salad servers are hand formed from brass and riveted with eco-silver. These very special salad servers would make an incredible centre piece for any dining experience. They are lightweight but sturdy and a joy to hold. They look great hung on a wall as decorative pieces when they’re not in use.

Rebecca Rasmussen, aka raz|maker, creates her tableware using a combination of metals, enhancing the visual interest and aesthetic of each piece.
Motivated by the beauty of form, function and love of process, her collections reflect a sense of home and belonging, each piece unique; a celebration of objects and their innate beauty.

The organically formed and textured nature of each piece is inspired by the beautiful Cornish surroundings where Rebecca lives. Rebecca takes great pleasure from the materials and traditional tools that she uses. The tools themselves lend individuality to each piece, for example a bench block, damaged through accidental slips of the hammer, creates texture in a lot of her pieces. She enjoys letting the metal speak for itself through simple, timeless designs.