OPEN DAYS - the gallery is open 11am to 4pm Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd December
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      Verity Pulford

      Verity Pulford is a glass artist living and working in rural North Wales. She uses a variety of processes to create her work, combining kiln-forming and architectural techniques in unique ways to create vessels, sculpture, installation, architectural and public art. 

      Verity’s work is inspired by organic structures- in particular the small details- the shapes and textures of algae, fungi, lichen, moss and ferns. 

      The qualities of glass inspire Verity: the fragility and strength, the transparency,
      opacity, ability to create layers, depth, pattern, texture- and all of this combined with the ability to transmit, reflect and channel light. 

      Verity is a member of the Makers Guild in Wales and Design Nation.

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