Natalie Day

Natalie Day’s paintings explore the power and beauty of the rugged north Cornwall coast, from observations and memories of the wild winter months.

Using mainly acrylic paint, sometimes combined with collage and oil pastels, allows for rapid application of layers to retain an energy and vigour expressing the power of the sea as it surges into the bays and the huge skies heavy with weather.

The paintings are constructed of many layers, with paint applied then scraped back and reapplied to create a rich, weathered appearance. A limited palette creates a harmony in the work whilst allowing dramatic and bold colour contrasts.

Each painting is begun intuitively, with no particular composition in mind. At some point a memory is triggered, of an undefined place, that starts to evolve into what will become the final piece.  Whilst these are not intended to be realistic representations of particular locations, they often provoke a sense of the familiar in the viewer, a place they can relate to, which draws them in for a closer look.


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