Michèle Oberdieck

Inspired by natural forms and organic structures, Michèle Oberdieck explores balance and asymmetry through shape, surface and colour. 

Colour has always played an important role in Oberdieck’s work, from her past practice printmaking, and textiles, to glass which allows her a unique way to express the delicacies of colour and its interaction with light. 

The luminosity of colours found in the sky as day turns to dusk with the pivotal light from the sun or moon glowing through layers of folded clouds is captivating. Her influences are evident in works by American Abstract expressionists, such as Rothko, and Helen Frankenthaler, and soft forms of Jean Arp’s sculptures.

Born in Canada, Michèle Oberdieck has lived in Britain for nearly two decades, training as a textile designer at Glasgow School of Art, and then she took an MA at the Royal College of Art in the Ceramic and Glass Department.

In 2019 Oberdieck’s glass work was selected as part of the Irish Glass Biennale, and Venice Glass Week, and recently for the European Applied Art Exhibition 2021 and Luxembourg Glass Festival.

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