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      Jayne Armstrong

      Jayne works in a range of different woods, but is best known for her pieces turned on a lathe from freshly cut oak. Working green enables her to explore the sculptural and aesthetic possibilities of a material that moves and changes shape as it dries. These pieces are turned to 1mm in thickness before being left to dry and take their form naturally. Once dry, Jayne bleaches, stains, burns, embellishes, oils and waxes to create work that challenges expectations of the material.

      Jayne also works in seasoned wood to create unique and distinctive sculptural forms as well functional vessels and platters. Whether from green or seasoned wood, each piece starts life on a woodturning lathe. Jayne works in a responsive, dialogical relationship with the wood which may then be further carved, dyed, scorched and variously finished. Importantly for Jayne, much of the wood is sourced locally. Some will come from her own garden in Brittany, France which she cuts and chainsaws herself. Other sources are friends, neighbours and the local tree surgeon. Worked in this way, each piece of wood has a story rooted in time and place.