Monoprints by Sophie Harding

Gallery artist Sophie Harding is well known for her joyous use of vibrant colours in her still lives, landscapes and - more recently - her printmaking. But sometimes she likes to leave the colour behind and concentrate on form. We're delighted to have this exclusive collection of monoprints from Sophie, and we hope you enjoy them.

Sophie: "Monoprinting is one of my favourite forms of printmaking; it’s immediate with an element of surprise. The only tools needed are a sheet of glass, roller, pencil and ink so it’s something that can be done easily at home. I make my prints on Japanese printmaking paper which is lightweight but durable. Sometimes I like to draw with my non dominant hand which has less control and creates interesting lines. These prints are all inspired by my Cornwall sketchbooks."

All these prints are UNFRAMED but we're happy to advise on or suggest framing options.

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