Lost For Words

Lost for Words 16th - 30th October 2021

The starting point for this exhibition was the wonderful work of Siobhan Purdy. Her 'Lost for Words' collection is, like much of her work, an enigmatic and autobiographical study as it explores the recurring themes of vulnerability, isolation and a childhood spent retreating into secret worlds of nature and imagination.

This is the third major collection of Siobhan's work we've shown at the Byre and the second time we've paired it with Susan Kinley's striking work. Although both working in different media - and very contrasting styles - their shared sense of exploring the past, together with the inspiration of Cornwall, make for a very successful pairing.

Lost for Words also features a gorgeous new collection of curated groupings of Lucy Burley bottles; a new selection of John Pollex's trademark vibrant pottery; wooden vessels from Jayne Armstrong who shows with us for the first time; and jewellery galore to tempt all tastes.

We hope you enjoy it.

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