Aimee Willcock - Rame Series

A new collection of Rame Peninsula work from Aimee Willcock.

"This series of works are based around Rame Head and Whitsand Bay, exploring a new area of Cornwall's coastline to inform my paintings. Capturing the atmosphere of the area, the mood of the season, seeking to convey a sense of the location and my time spent there has been extremely enjoyable. The area has been perfect to investigate some new themes in the paintings and delve into different forms of markmaking, colour and tone. In particular, how these elements work together and create contrasts. I look forward to continuing to explore this area in my work."

Aimee grew up in Nottinghamshire and earned a BA in Fine Art from Loughborough University School of Art and Design, often traveling to Cornwall to gain inspiration for her practice.After graduating Aimee moved to Cornwall where she now lives and works, using the changing Cornish coastline and landscape to inform her practice.

Rooted in romantic traditions, the paintings are an investigation into mark, colour, and the language of paint to form a contemporary depiction of her local environment. Exploring the repetition of mark, simplifying shape and colour, responding to the environment both all prima and building layers over sittings to form an impression of a place, evoking a sense of space and capturing a moment.

The transformation of the familiar into something less familiar, the desaturation of colour and the overpowering experience of nature, combine in a landscape structured yet ambiguous.By uniting contrasts - sky and earth, painterly and illustrative, desaturation and contrasting colour, the paintings invite the viewer to experience the atmosphere and emotions conjured by our experience of nature, the calm and serene, or the most powerful and dramatic aspects of landscape.

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