Adrian Holmes

We'll have some new work from Adrian later in the year

Adrian Holmes is a printmaker devoted to Japanese printmaking and Sosaku-hanga, (creative print.) He graduated from the University of Plymouth with a degree in Visual Arts. Whilst living in Japan he fell in love with woodblock Japanese printmaking and began to study the craft and its techniques. Both self-taught and working alongside Japanese woodblock artisans exploring the capabilities of the printing process, Adrian divides his time between his woodblock practice and teaching woodblock printmaking in the south west. Adrian is based at Krowji studios in Cornwall and teaches Japanese woodblock printmaking at both St Ives School of Painting and the West Dean College of Arts.

Adrian says, "I'm fascinated by woodblock printing: its versatility, openness and process. It's a medium which has so many possibilities. I continue to explore this medium balancing the beautiful subtleties of this Japanese medium using a traditional approach with a contemporary style focusing on semi abstract themes of landscapes and place."

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