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      All That Glitters

      All That Glitters Glass by Catriona MacKenziePewter salt and pepper set by Phil Atkin
      Our winter 2016 featured stunning work for Christmas - and beyond - from artists and makers making a welcome return to the Byre Galleryincluding, ceramicists Paul Cardew, Jill Holland, Remon Jephcott and Ellen Wood, glass artists James Lethbridge, Catriona MacKenzie, and Charlotte Sale; and jewellers Corrinne Eira Evans, Tracey Falvey and Lucy Spink.

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      Out of the Picture

      Glass by Catriona MacKenzie and copper vessel by Stephanie HopkinsOut of the PictureOut of the Picture
      Stunning examples of contemporary ceramics took centre stage for The Byre’s summer 2016 exhibition. Acclaimed ceramicists showing their work at The Byre for the first time included Lucy Burley, Kathryn Hearn and Loraine Rutt each of whom created very individual but elegant pieces; and Chris Taylor, whose highly desirable work was a huge hit in the spring 2015 exhibition, Standing on Ceremony, made a welcome return with new vessels.

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