Telling Tales –  all images & captions

craft, cornwall, the byre

Telling Tales exhibition overview

Cushions by Nikky d’Aguilar, cushion on chair by Penny Seume, glass on coffee table, Charlotte Sale and James Lethbridge, torsos by Pauline Lee, framed ceramics Pauline Lee, framed textiles Helen Round, wall hung plates by Remon Jephcott. Console table, L to R: glass bowl Ruth Shelley, ‘Fallen Leaf’ silver vessel Abigail Brown, mini spritz bowl Charlotte Sale, tall vases Paul Cardew

Glass thistle, James Lethbridge, plate Janet Stahelin Edmondson, copper bowls Stephanie Hopkins, mosaic mirror Georgie Bruce, glass vessels, Ruth Shelley and Textile Flora by Claire Crompton

“Venus” by Paul Cardew, Textile Flora bulbs by Claire Crompton, “Once Upon A Time” vessel by Claire Palastanga. In background: tall vase by Paul Cardew, acorn cup by Charlotte Sale

charlotte sale, glass, craft

Charlotte Sale, pink mini spritz and blue medium spritz. In background, cushions by Penny Seume

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