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Glass stars by James Lethbridge

Glass, whether clear or coloured, is very often the most eye catching work in any exhibition. When I came up with the theme of Telling Tales I wanted to give the suggestion that the back wall of the gallery was a star-lit sky, I knew I could paint on some stars but to create real impact I wanted some genuine sparkle.

I showed some of James Lethbridge’s stunning glass stars in On Reflection, an exhibition I staged at Westcroft Gallery in Kingsand in 2011, and knew that they would be perfect for the effect I was trying to create; I was thrilled when James – who is now based in Belgium – was happy to take part in the exhibition. They are stunning pieces and look wonderful in any setting: identical ‘spikes’ of glass adhered to a central ball, they give the impression they are floating above rather than resting on the surface.

charlotte sale, glass, craft

Pink mini spritz and blue medium spritz

Charlotte Sale’s vibrant blown glass Spritz bowls have been favourite pieces in many of my exhibitions and Telling Tales is no exception.  To complement the colours of the show, Charlotte has produced new work in dark blues, indigo and pink and they are quite breathtaking.

It’s been a busy first week in the gallery and it’s been so lovely to see so many friends again – especially those who are down here on holiday and keep up to date with news from The Byre via this newsletter and my tweets.  So thank you to all of you who’ve been in to visit, I hope to see the rest of you soon – for the Bank Holiday weekend, as well as Saturday and Sunday, we’ll be open on Monday from 11 – 5.