Rachel’s work is created out of a passion for surface decoration and explores a personal intuitive response to linear, textural and light details within the landscape.

Abstract compositions evolve through tactile and contemplative painterly processes on a clay canvas. Complex layers of personally developed ceramic slips are meticulously applied to thin clay slabs, the slabs are later assembled to create clean, simple cylinders, marrying form and surface so they become one indivisible unit.

The pieces play a contrast between the rough organic feel of textured ceramic slip and the luscious polished surface of earthenware clay. The vessels are strong as individual pieces but when arranged in groups they create a much greater impact.

For her collection for Postcards from the Edge, Rachel drew on time spent by the Cornish coast: “With my close family living in Cornwall I have been lucky to be able to regularly visit and walk the cliffs and beaches of the coast path to gather inspiration for my work. Its stunning vistas and the ever changing light are reflected in the colour palettes that I use.”

Angled earthenware vessel, light orange

Height 10cm, diameter 12cm