Michele Bianco – medium fractal bottle, off white
Hand carved grey grogged stoneware

24cm tall, 24cm wide, 9cm deep

The starting point for Michele Bianco’s work is always walking and sketching. She is inspired by the forms, patterns and textures in the world around her home in the stunning west highlands of Scotland: the mesh of branches on wintry trees, the geometric patterns in eroded rock faces or the intricate structures of pods, leaves and petals.

All Michele’s pieces are hand built using a range of techniques: pinching, coiling and slab building. Once the initial form is created, it goes through a series of manipulations – smoothing, paddling, refining – until she is happy with the shape. The surface is then altered by carving into the clay by hand, the form the carving takes determined by the shape of the vessel.

Michele chooses the glaze for its texture and visual interaction with the clay; all are made by her from dry ingredients which allows subtle alterations to the opacity or gloss of the final glaze. For Michele, the process of making is an absorbing and intuitive one; and she hopes that each finished piece also becomes an object of contemplation and enjoyment for others.

Michele’s pieces look wonderful on their own or, for extra drama, as part of a collection.

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