Hugh is a ceramicist based in south east Cornwall.

His work is hand thrown using a black crank stoneware body with porcelain slips added whilst the clay is still green. During each stage brush strokes of oxide washes combined with wax resist are applied to the slip decoration. This process is further enabled by applying multiple porcelain glazes in a similar way. The firing causes the chemical reactions  forming natural seams and textures; each vessel is unique.

“I love making pots and living in Cornwall and I am trying to represent Cornwall’s raw elements in my new work. I imagined, perhaps like a classical musician considering how to play jazz, that following my instincts would be better than concerning myself with my usual process to explore this. You know all the notes and scales, just relax, don’t worry. Play your moment, it will be different each time. Create freedom from the discipline. Trust in the process is the mantra. I hope the pieces give that look and feel.”

Height 30cm, diameter 15cm