Catriona MacKenzie’s work is created to be cheerful, bold and full of texture. She wants to uplift the viewer with her use of colour and clean feminine shapes.  Her inspirations come from the world around her – the woods in her native Scotland or the street art and graffiti of Bristol.  She enjoys the juxtaposition of these different themes, and uses opposites throughout her work: this can take the form of a contrasting colour or surface texture, or the use of light and obscuring of light.

Her  series of blown and carved scent bottles come in a range of transparent colours; each one has a satined finish and has a handmade clear glass stopper.

The inspiration behind these perfume bottles is Schizophyllum Commune, which is a type of split gill fungus. Catriona is very interested in mycology, which is a recurring theme within her work.

Each bottle (with stopper) is approximately 16cm high

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