Project Description

Welcome to Full Bloom.  

Full Bloom is the second of our spring exhibitions and we’re bringing it to you here in a slightly abbreviated  form – but still bursting with spring colour and brightness, and of course some highly desirable art and craft.  All the work is available on the gallery shop – click here – and you can watch a video introduction to it above.

There are two other films, below, which I hope you’ll enjoy too.  When I started planning Full Bloom last year I really wanted to find a solution to a problem that I’m often presented with in the gallery: “I need a vase, but it’s got to be the perfect size for buds/tall blooms/dried flowers (delete as appropriate) and I can never find the right one.”   As the perfect vase seemed to be rather elusive, I decided to set a challenge to one of our regular and favourite ceramicists, Lucy Burley, and to help her in her quest I put her in touch with Nikki Nicholson, who creates stunning arrangements from her Millbrook based Flora and Fern Bespoke Floral Design.  The results should have been unveiled at our Private View drinks with a demo from Nikki showing us how to create the perfect display in the ideal vases.  Sadly we can’t welcome you with a glass of fizz but we can offer you a virtual experience as both Lucy and Nikki have been kind enough to film their creations.

I hope you enjoy both the films –  and the rest of the beautiful pieces featured in Full Bloom. If you’d like to see anything in more detail, please do get in touch to arrange a one-to-one virtual tour, which can be by Whats App, Zoom, Face Time or Skype – free of charge. We hope you enjoy spring 2020 at the Byre Gallery – and we hope we can welcome you back in person before too long.