Project Description

Emily Olivia Tapp

EOT Ceramics is the studio practice of Emily Olivia Tapp – a potter living and working from Cornwall.

Emily Olivia Tapp makes wheel-thrown ceramics from her studio in Bohls Yard, Penryn, Cornwall. She originally trained at Falmouth School of Art, where she made her own paints and inks using Cornwall’s mineral-rich soils and rock powder pigments. After graduating, Emily slowly moved away from her painting practice to work on hand-built and slip-cast ceramics with a focus on organic forms, natural slips and glazes. In early 2019, she acquired a dis-used wheel from another potter and began the long process of teaching herself to throw.

Emily makes everyday ceramics intended for daily use. She throws with Cornish clay sourced in St Agnes and mixes all her glazes from scratch using raw materials and her own carefully developed recipes. The alchemy of developing glaze ignites the interest in natural colour that first drove her to make paints during her degree.