Telling Tales

The Byre, 14th August – 21 September 2014

Telling Tales

The inspiration for Telling Tales was the wonderful stories featured in The Arabian Nights – Tales of One Thousand and One Nights, or rather, I wanted to give a flavour of the setting my imagination conjured up in which Scheherazadetold her tales to her new husband in order to postpone her execution: warm pinks and purples, gold and silver all set against a midnight blue star-filled sky.

I’m very fortunate to work with a wealth of designer-maker talent whose exquisite pieces of craft allowed me to realise my vision. Remon Jephcott’s highly imaginative and desirable ‘story’ plates, Claire Palastanga’s delicate ceramic pots and Claire Crompton’s wonderful textile flora all – in very different ways – capture the essence of storytelling.

The spiky elegance of James Lethbridge’s glass stars fulfilled my wish for a night sky, and fellow glass artists Charlotte Sale and Ruth Shelley have, once again, created beautiful new pieces in wonderful colours.

I’m delighted to be able to show the stunning silver work of Cornish based artist Abigail Brown; Penny Seume’s sumptuous cushions add an extra touch of luxury to the setting and I’m very pleased to welcome back fellow textile maker Nikky d’Augliar. Ceramicist Paul Cardew has once again allowed his imagination to soar and has created stunning new pieces inspired by my theme.