On Reflection

Westcroft Gallery, 1st – 9th October 2011

On Reflection

The Snow Queen’s palace in the story by Hans Christian Andersen inspired the setting for On Reflection: a palette of cool, icy colours as a backdrop to work in complementary shades of blues and white.

Catherine Carr’s delicate knitted-glass bowls, resembling crystalised spiders’ webs, and the glacial spikiness of James Lethbridge’s stars perfectly evoke a world of ice and chill.  The beautiful porcelain of Janet Stahelin Edmondson, and the intricate paper work of Sharyn Dunn both capture the delicacy of lace in very different ways.   Remon Jephcott’s tea cups were a highlight of Expectations – and her highly individual work makes a welcome return.

Local designer makers Jill Holland, Evadne James and Helen Round each created stunning work – in ceramic, glass and textiles – inspired by the Snow Queen story.

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