Out of the Woods

After a few months hibernating, The Byre is now open for spring with our new exhibition: Out of the Woods. As ever an exhibition at The Byre features a mix of work from ‘regulars’ and introduces makers new to the gallery. For Out of the Woods I’m delighted to welcome Cornwall based fine artist, Kerry Harding whose stunning paintings add such impact to the exhibition; hanging alongside Kerry’s work are the vibrant woodcut prints of Sarah Morris which brilliantly capture the rich hues of the Devon countryside where Sarah lives, works and cycles!

Working in wood can produce such incredibly different results: Sally Burnett’s delicate vessels seem to defy the solidity of the medium; while Lizzie Farey’s willow pieces offer supple elegance, Sam Harrison’s work in sycamore and oak perfectly retain the memory of the living tree. On a much smaller scale, Lisa Henshall’s beautiful rings and earrings are paintings in miniature on wooden jewellery. From wood to wire and beyond: Ruth Bateman’s delightful sculptures of hares beautifully capture the movement and character of these wonderful creatures; and textile designer Katie Wallis finds inspiration for her highly desirable cushions and scarves from other wonderful creatures: bees and peacocks. In ceramics, Ali Tomlin is a maker I’ve long admired and I’m delighted to finally have her elegant pieces in Out of the Woods.

Corvus Nero by Sally Burnett, tea cup by Remon Jephcott, ceramic vases and bowl by Ali Tomlin, Textile Flora by Claire Crompton and earrings by Anna Pope

I’m also very pleased to welcome back to The Byre ceramicists Lucy Burley, Paul Cardew, Jill Holland, Remon Jephcott, and Hugh Maitland Perry; glass artists Cat MacKenzie, Charlotte Sale and Ruth Shelley; and jewellery designers Tracey Falvey, Anna Pope and Lucy Spink.

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All That Glitters

Opening on Friday – our Christmas exhibition, All That Glitters



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Over and Out… of the Picture

Out of The Picture is now over – after a hugely successful run.  Fantastic to welcome so many new visitors to The Byre and to see familiar faces; I am touched and delighted by the loyalty of my clients.  Look forward to seeing you all in November for All That Glitters. IMG_4353

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Picture Post

Out of the Picture has now been open for a couple of weeks and I’m so enjoying being in the gallery space – I love every new exhibition but the blue walls of this one are particularly pleasing to be surrounded by.

I’m always delighted when the pieces of craft I’ve chosen for the exhibition work with the colour; I want to create a space which both enhances the individual pieces and creates a cohesive feel and doesn’t diminish the impact of the work. No matter how much planning I do in advance there is always a fear that something will just not work and undermine the overall look – fingers crossed, it’s always been ok so far!


Out of the Picture at The Byre

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